Local Media merges graphic design and technology to create digital content that captivates and engages.

At Local Media, we have a team of creatives and a team of techno wizards that work together to offer comprehensive solutions that are both logical and visually appealing. If you need a Local team to spice your website design, beef up your SEO, or help you go viral on social media, then we are your team. Local Media manages global and local UAE clients and we want to help you.



Local Search is our proprietary online business locator that is the UAE’s largest online database of businesses.


Combine strong SEO and SEM practices to create content that engages true potential customers.


Modernize your digital marketing experience with expert social media and email marketing campaigns.

Photography & Videography

Sharpen and refine the images associated with your brand by choosing our expert team of creatives.

Branding & Graphic Design

Allow our expert team of graphic artists to create a brand that speaks for itself.

Web Design & Development

We create multi-faceted web design solutions that boost website visibility, increase SEO, and improve user experience.


We look at your target audience, competition, and the general niche of your industry and then create a website that challenges and exemplifies industry conventions.


Our graphics team has an eye of color, layout, and style. They are also extremely analytical and can build a user-friendly interface with an easily navigable sitemap.


We can turn anything into reality. Feed us your vision and we will deliver it right in front of you in stunning color and sharp, edgy design.


Websites don't dominate the online marketplace without proper maintenance. We are by your side to reinvent, design, and market your business.


There are millions of software programs and web platforms out there. Managing them in addition to your business can be overwhelming. Especially if technology is not your thing. Luckily, technology is our thing and our team of web designers and analytics are happy to manage it for you. We only use top web design software and analytics platforms to ensure that your business is benefiting from modern, trendy, and effective tracing tools. We can do everything from run data analytics to ensure your website is achieving high conversion to placing your social media presence on a single platform that can be managed via one interface. Regardless of what you need, we have the right software solution for you.

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