"We love what we do and we love helping others succeed at what they love to do."

Mohamed Al Hameli, CEO

Local Media came to life in 2009, and since then we are proud to offer our clients comprehensive and immersive digital media support. We provide a wide range of global solutions in the subfields of website design, digital marketing, and SEO.

We regularly work with both multinationals and startups along with every business that is located somewhere in the middle. Need exposure to work your way up that ladder? Local Media is the logical choice. Our team is composed of technical engineers, thinkers, strategists, artists, storytellers, designers, writers, and project managers. Our goal is to effectively tell the story of your company online via digital media so that your customers fall in love.

From SEO to Website Design to Social Media Management, we have the right tools in our arsenal to rocket your company or personal brand into the public eye. We pride ourselves in staying true to our three core values: we are always on time, provide measurable results, and offer you access to an unmatched talented team of creatives.


The timing of your delivery matters just as much as the subject matter, so go with a team that is dependably prompt. We follow strict time tables for all of our projects, whether you need SEO content, new web design, or are ready to reinvent your social media image.


Digital media is exploding, but our ability to deliver measurable results allows us to continue to stand out from the pack. From multinational companies to small start-up businesses, our clients can see the impact we make on their companies. This is what sets us apart.


Our creative team is run by managers who truly understand what it means to work in the world of digital media. Our designers are artists, our sales team is confident and strong, our IT team is composed of technical whizzes, and our accountants enjoy crunching numbers.


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