Do you know the difference between SEO in UAE and SEM practices? If you hire Local Media, you don't have to because we provide the very best content crafted with both practices in mind. SEO and SEM strategies are how you get your website on the top of search results, and this translates into increased web traffic. No online business can survive without web traffic, so take a second to learn how the best SEO company in Dubai ensures that you are the best company within your niche on Google.

What is SEO in UAE?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and effective and ineffective SEO is the difference between a business that receives daily web traffic and a website that is hardly viewed. You can have a sharp, user-intuitive website, but without proper SEO you won't get any traffic. Organic SEO isn't noticeable, in fact, it's not even detectable to most people, but it is to major search engines. Search engine spiders are who you need to notice your website, and with the help of the best SEO company in Dubai, they will.

We rank high for both national and international keywords and our clients get thousands of searches per month. If your online marketing strategy is failing, it's time to take a closer look at how SEO can change your web presence. Let us be the team that takes you straight to the top of Google.

Making SEM Work for Your UAE Business

SEM stands for search engine marketing, and it's very similar to SEO but instead of targeting organic search the focus shifts to paid search. Pull up any internet search engine and you will notice the top result is always a sponsored or paid result. The goal of SEM is to ensure that your company is the top paid result and organic result. Launching a strong SEO and SEM campaign is how you get there. We have the talent, skill, and content to get you noticed, so let Local Media work their magic via a mixture of targeted strategies.

User Experience Review
  • We can take a close look at how user-intuitive your website is and where improvement could be made.
In Depth Market & Competitor Research
  • Studying the market helps create a measurable SEO and SEM plan that produces highly effective results.
Target Client Research
  • We will look at your target audience, and then define what they want so that we can tailor our SEM and SEO campaigns.
Keyword Research Report & Selection
  • Choosing the right keyword is the most crucial task of any campaign. We rank well here and abroad so you are in safe hands.
Google Business Listing Optimizing
  • Get your website to the top of the paid results with the help of the best SEO company in Dubai.
Website Security Audit & Report
  • More traffic means more vulnerability, ensure that your website is secure with our website security audit and report.
Quality Check & Report
  • Routine check-ins that assess the current quality of your website and a complete report detailing measurable process and continual goals.
Onsite Optimization
  • Optimization of your current live website to ensure it is receiving first-page ranking on all major search engines for your targeted keywords.
Content Writing & Modifications
  • Includes content creation for your website, blog, mobile website, and links. Not only does the Local Media team provide content, but we ensure it is all properly optimized for maximum results.
Website Audit
  • We offer a complete website audit that identifies the strengths of an existing website to build on, while simultaneously identifying weaknesses so we can beef up your online marketing strategy.
Link Building
  • SEO based link building is a great way to add authority to a website, but it's a precise and highly detailed process. Local Media has a skilled content team ready to build your links and more.
Consult & Plan SEO strategy with the client
  • Before beginning any SEO in UAE, we always sit down with the client to discuss your vision and goals, so that we can integrate them with your new successful SEO and SEM campaign.
Pumped-up to be on the first page of Search Results?
Our dedicated team works with various industry tools to make your website visible and rank higher.